Time Here…1

“Time ki bahut kami hai,” this is the reason why 12 o’clock always means 1. It’s nothing new! I love to set my time ten minutes fast so that I don’t have to hurry. But Prakash loves the excuses I cook up right at time to avoid his temper.

“I couldn’t find the bali(ear ring) you gifted me.” it was my excuse this afternoon. I knew he was angry but my cute smile(so he says!) and the excuse melted my dear Prakash’s heart.

Prakash! He is my best buddy, but I don’t know to which degree. We love spending time together. I proposed him, you know. I know, it’s not conventional for a girl to propose. But “propose”, here, simply means,” I like you, but I would like to fall in love with you.”

Talking about today, I’ll be dead if mummy reads it.

Oh! I almost forgot. Hi! I am Pratima.

Stupid na! P for Prakash and P for Pratima.

“Life ka matlab na khul k jeena hota hai.(Life means-to live fully )” my tagline. I love to speak in Inglish.

I was talking about today. He said 2 o’clock and I reached Rajendra Chowk at 3. I told mamma I am going to see my ‘friend’, Jasmine. Jasmine! you don’t know her! She is the fb sensation of our class. She gets minimum 137 likes per upload. She in ‘the epic’. I hate her. “Inglish name rakh lene se koi angrez nahi ho jata!(One doesn’t become Inglish by having an Inglish name!)”

So, I was telling you about my afternoon/evening, whatever you say. “But you know what Inglish me Hindi jaisa feeling nahi aata hai.” Whatever! Let me tell you my story. At first he said nothing, what can you expect to hear when you are an hour late, but later on while I was stuffing my mouth with golgappa, he said,” I didn’t wait for an hour,” I was busy gulping the heavenly golgappas. He was just five minutes early than me. So you see! I was not late(technically, he was late too), so there was nothing to feel like a convict for making him wait. Better he than me.

So you see! I don’t have enough time but I like spending it.



One thought on “Time Here…1

  1. So you see that even boys become late sometimes due to various reasons. Anyways it was a pretty little love story presented by you. Hope to read more of such lovely incidents which happen in your life.

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