Hello! anybody listening?

Hello! at least wait to hear.

Hello! the crowd is moving.

Hello! anybody near?

I am screaming in the daylight . . .

I am breathing the smoke inside . . .

I am feeling your eyes running wild . . .


Hello! say hello.


You are the Only One

I can still feel your heart beat with mine,

And my breath with yours . . .


I can’t explain what you mean to me!

You are the only one with whom

I can fight hard,

And I can love hard and hard and harder . . .


You are the only one with whom

When I am

Time does not exist it seems

And my butterflies fly away . . .


You are the only one

Who can make my heart go fast

And your face forces me

To forget my breath . . .


You are the only one who can

Scold me when I stray

And love me at the same time

So that I just don’t go away  . . .


You are the only one who can

Feel each word that I say

And play in my rhythm

Adding your music to it . . .


You are the only one who

Says me to hold on

And stands by my side

Giving me a reason to go on . . .




Mary Pratima Lakra

Out in the Rain

Standing out in the rain

Under the umbrella

Which you had lent . . .

It’s time, I should go back,

But this heavy rain! It won’t let me!

It wants to wet me

                                                    And stain my skirt white,

                    In its poodle, muddy wet.

                                       May be you can come with me

Home, under your umbrella

Then we may have a cup imagesss

                   Of hot coffee or two,

              In this weather

So cold so wet with sweet music too.




                                                                                Mary Pratima Lakra

Some Incomplete Yet . . . Dreams . . .

I am filling my thoughts

In your dreams,

Even though you don’t know.

I am capturing your heart

In mine,

Even though you have mistaken it

To be locked.

Then slowly and steadily

They creep in your heart

Like tender shoots

Of virgin white iceberg,

And cover the grey walls

Of your heart with

Its flower covering each scar on it.

Slowly its hold grows stronger.

Then slowly and steadily

They creep into the cracks,

And, spread their roots of love deep inside,

which you could have never known.

The Great Grey Wall! Alas!

Which once stood hard, unmoved,

Since centuries of Seconds and

Minutes have passed,

Now becomes the great abode of

The creeping tender shoot.


Mary Pratima Lakra